How to gain godfather favor points in imobsters

31. ledna 2012 v 9:04

. the Godfather will offer $10,000 for 10 favor

How to gain godfather favor points in imobsters

. on to your favor points is most beneficial if you . money and you will gain less experience points. .
i dont really know for sure but like 3 minutes ago it said "awarded 1 favor point for . You can score thousands of free godfather points at www .
- Favor Points for Money: You will . as now you have a larger cash flow and will gain more money from the 10pt option . center and the Godfather Pinky Ring are used in .
To get ahead in iMobsters . The more energy you have the more missions you can play which means you gain skill points which . At level 10 the Godfather will .
How do you get unlimited favor points on mobsters overdrive? You have a question? . How can you get unlimited godfather points on Mafia Wars?
Best Answer: You have to wait until they have offers which give you favor points. The offers are located under the godfather button on the home page. There .
Favor Points (I need more . Everytime you level up you gain 3 points that you can spend. Also watch the adds. . favor points, godfather
Tycoon: Gain Cash Faster; . Favor Points and The Godfather Favor Points . iMobsters Favor Points . 800 Favor How to gain godfather favor points in imobsters Points. Premium Listing.
Godfather's Favor Points Favor points can be used for three different things. It says in the game that it changes daily, however it .
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